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Do pale white lesbians like black girls?
i am a black lesbian. i am only attracted to white girls. (please do not judge me) so i was wondering if white lesbians like black girls?
i'm a white girl, and i am attracted more to darker ppl :)
indian, latina, black... etc... nothing wrong with having your own attractions!
Do you think its a question of low self esteem if a black lesbian prefers to date white lesbians?
When you meet an interracial lesbian relationship, do you chalk it up to the black woman's low self esteem?
Depends on why. If you feel the need to justify your relationship by putting women of other races down, to me, that is low self-esteem. I don't have a problem with interracial relationships, as long as you see them as a person, not a white person, a black person, but just Katie, or Karen.

It doesn't make you have low self esteem to prefer to date white girls. Just like it doesn't make me a bigot to prefer other black girls.
I wanted to know how Black lesbians feel about white lesbians and interracial dating?
I had an interracial relationship when I was younger, and there was still a taboo among the gay and lesbian community on interracial dating. I didn't find it too much in NYC, esp the spots where I hung out, however I found as I got older ppl began to get more hostile and racist among other lesbians, esp if your black, or white and prefer to date outside your race. I saw many lesbians forming clicks, and you either had to be a certain race, class, or fem/butch type of thing. Just wondering how it is in your area and how you exp racist comments esp if your with a white female? How does your family feel about it? also, for tthose that are single, what is your honest opinions of interracial lesbian relationships,.
Wow,Ouch, there does seem to be a lot of racists posting on here and all by black women. I am shocked, isn't it always in the media that whites are the racists? Interesting Question, and I did get shocked by the answers. I am a white lesbian and have dated black women, and to be honest in some places, like NYC it's cool and no biggie, however these women, I have not a clue where there from, but they need to get a grip and not be so racists. I wonder how they feel about half white and half black dating white women? Geez, this is terrible how black lesbians view us eh? We are certainly not vein, nor shallow, that is so ridiculous. Thas ok these women are not welcomed in my neck of the woods.
Do White Lesbians like to dominate Black Lesbians in the bedroom?
I'm submissive.

Is that abnormal?

how many other black lesbians are also Submissive?
Due to their choice of partners one may safely assume..
Do White Lesbians who date black women only Like Black Studs?
this is most of what I see.

Aren't there any white lesbians, who date interracially, who are the dominant ones in the relationship?
But frankly that what they like and its true.
Where the hell are all the NON-white or black gays and lesbians in Chicago?
I mixed race myself (although straight- but I'm an ally) and my friends are queer but of various ethnicities. Two of them are Indian and one is Vietnamese. However, we all grew up together and moved to the city and have yet to find anywhere to hang out that isn't solely white or just white and black.

you could try adam4adam i guess? (very explicit gay porn ads on there, site mainly there for hooking up but lots of people go there for friends as well... though they are in the minority.)
Do black lesbians like white girls?
Would I have any chance with a black woman? I am sooo attracted to black girls - I think they're drop dead gorgeous, fun to be around, and strong women. Not to over-generalize, but do black girls like white girls? At least sometimes? How do I meet a black lesbian? Thanks for the answers(:
i'm black and i tend to be attracted to women outside of my race, so dating a white girl would be awesome for me. i think in the gay community, people don't worry about race as much as the heteros.
i guess to meet one you would just have to go to your local gay club/bar. it may also depend on where you live, as some areas have more of a black population than others. i think miami and major cities like that would have quite a few black lesbians :)
To all white lesbians and bisexual women, would you ever date a biracial woman who was half white half black?
I am a biracial woman, half white half black. I have tan skin, long brown hair and brown eyes. I am 23 and in college. I just wanted to know if any white lesbians or bisexual women have ever been attracted to or would date a mixed race woman? I find white women very attractive and I just want to know!
Absolutely!! Women who are tan, with dark hair are 100% my type. I've dated Black women, biracial women, and white women (brunettes) exclusively. So...yup, in a heartbeat ;)
Do black lesbians and white lesbians make a good couple?
this is not an offending question, others asked types of questions like these
ima white girl dating a black girl... we make a very good couple thanks for askin.
Why are most white female lesbians not interested in black females.?
i just noticed that it seems to be the demographic. out of 100% of white lesbian, ull prolly find like 2% dating black females. i dont kno if it is a matter of choice or just an inferiority complex. im trying to write a paper abt this and sort of need views from everyone's perspective
"female lesbians" do you know any male lesbians?

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