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White Men Only: Do you like ghetto black girls that goes to College?
Yesterday I saw two young white men in the line and they were starring at this ghetto black girl because she wore them spandex jeans pants that zip on the side with a medium size t-shirt w/flip flops, but she was rough in the face and had short hair to her ear and dark brown skin, she looked rough and can fight, but she was average body size, she had a booty but like a young saggy average type booty, It was crazy but they were hard up starring, it was kind of nasty to think about it lol. But do you white guys like ghetto black women that goes to College? And please be honest, you don't have to deny it, I actually do see it when you stare at them.
Like they say you can take the person out of the ghetto, but can't take the ghetto out of the
Why Do People think this of black women?
Why do most men think that all Black women are sluts? They think that they can say all kinds of nasty things to you on dating sites and feel that you like it that way, because you are Black booty slut. I have some white girl friends and they never were treated like this at all and we talk alot. Also, most of my white professors made passes at me while in college and none made passes at my white girl friends? I am angry and wonder why most men perceive Black women this way. Any views? Do most White men feel the same? You are anonymous, you you can say as you feel.........Don't lie or try to be civil or kind. Just tell the truth.. Are most Black women so easy and trashy that we are perceived this way even when we are not?
Media and the Black Men who aid it.

A lot of people approach black women with these preconceived notions and then turn around and can't figure why they get frustrated so easily.

It's like pushing someone in a corner and then calling them crazy when they come out swinging.
Do white men date black girls?
I be black, but only likin da white man. I was raised in privledge in Compton, CA. I have the option of goin ta any community college i want. My momma was a wealthy professional booty clapper, and my daddy was a senior executive vice president of da cripz. Is there any place where beautiful women like me can meet white men?
Obvious troll is not acquainted with the syntax of Ebonics
Is it true that many of the Black men that go to Morehouse are gay?
I've heard this from a ton of people and now I'm curious. My idea of Morehouse was always a University with a bunch of smart, intellectual Black men who weren't going to college just to play a sport... but I guess they are gay then? I've heard that Atlanta is filled with gay Black guys! Is that true?

I mean, Darnnnn, there aren't many Black men in college anyway, and many of the ones who are in college that I've met are gay, like twist of the hip, booty shorts wearing fashion major gay Black men, lol, I love them to death but theres few Black guys in college already, then you add in the gay ones who are then its kind of sad as a girl... :/
Predators go where the prey is. Meaning it's not unlikely that an all men's college would have a higher number of Gay student. It's the same way with all woman's college..
Why do I get hated on because I'm white with a big booty?
I'm 23 yrs old and my measurement are 32,23,39.Women literally spit on me because there so jealous. Plus I'm married to a black man. People always asked me "why did you marry a black man"? I just look at them and laugh! In college my nick name was heaven sent. The guys went crazy over my ***! Plus I can ride a piece like there's no tomorrow. Anyway, what do I about these chicken heads?
umm ride all their mens pieces then tell them that their man wasnt that great....then u can come ride mine
A black girl who wants to date white guys?
So I mentioned to my roommate that I was interested in dating out of my race, preferably white men. I am black and so is she. She told me that I "wasn't their type." She is known to be a pretty negative person. She was trying to tell me that I wasn't the ideal black girl who white guys would go for (I am no Halle Berry or Beyonce). I am African, very attractive, dark cocoa skin, curvaceous (yes, with the booty), an intellectual, college educated, caring, and sweet. I believe I have a lot to offer any guy no matter what race. So white guys tell me, would you go for my "type"???
hell yeah i would. i have never dated outside of my race but if u have a good personality and not all hating and negative then i definatelly would. caring and sweet are some real good things for anybody. and the butt is an added bonus:)-
Are these clothes sexy for a girl?
I am in college who wants to get laid. I am 5''7 and i weigh 130lb. My breast size are 34D. I am a brunette. Age 19, virgin, white. So to hook up with guys should I wear a white tight top that shows my curves. A pair of booty shorts. Black uggs. I don't care about looking like a slut, since its a big school and I only been there for two months and I want pleasure.
wear what makes you comfortable if your pretty then a guy will come up to u
I need style advice for my college graduation in a couple weeks!?
I already bought the dress. It is a slate blue color with pewter/grayish beading on the shoulders. Here's a picture:

I was wanting to possibly wear black textured tights.. Or something.

I also thought a pair of black booties would look cute, but one of my friends told me booties wouldn't mesh well with the outfit. So I guess pumps?

If you have any ideas of shoes or tights/hose that would go with this dress lemme know! I'd really appreciate links to the exact products. Thanks!

All suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!!!!!
i think u should wear textured tights, those are really in right now plus they are really cute, but i think u should also wear pumps instead of booties, it'll go better with the whole outfit...btw ur dress is really pretty :D
Does it matter how I am built?
I am 5"3 and I weigh 109. I have been dancing for about 10 yrs. I have a bit of belly fat. Will the college scouts look past this? I also have a black girls booty. I am white. I am an incredible dancer but I don't exactly reach the standard . does it matter?
As long as it is not ballet, it wont matter as much. You audition for college dance programs and they don't generally recruit as in a "scout". I don't know where you got that idea from. Unless you are only thinking of a dance team and not a dance major.
I wont say it doesn't matter at all, but it matters less for contemporary dance which is what most college program's focus is. Your body is your instrument and I would be lying if I said it didn't matter at all. If it was between you and someone else and you both had equal ability, they will pick the dancer with the nicer line. If you have time before your auditions start, try to drop 5 pounds. That isn't a lot and even a couple of pounds will help and may make a difference too.
Good luck!
College students: What are your favorite songs (hip-hop/rap/R&B) that you like when you go to party?
Here are the songs already on my playlist, I want more:

2 Live Crew: Me So Horny
2 Live Crew: Too Much Booty In The Pants
2 Pac: California Love
2 Pac: Still Ballin’
3-6 Mafia: Ridin’ Spinners
3-6 Mafia: Poppin’ My Collar
3-6 Mafia: Stay High
50 Cent: Wanksta
50 Cent: Just A Lil’ Bit
50 Cent: If I Can’t
50 Cent: Magic Stick
50 Cent: In Da Club
Akon: Smack That
Big Tymers: Bling Bling
Black Eyed Peas: My Humps
Bone Thugz N Harmony: Let’s Ride
Bow Wow: Let’s Get Down
Brooke: About Us
Bubba Sparxxx: Ms New Booty
Chamillionarie: Ridin’
Chris Brown: Run It
Ciara: Get Up
Coolio: Fantastic Voyage
DJ Unk: Walk It Out
E-40: U And Dat
Emine: Shake That ***
Fergie: Fergalicious
Fergie: London Bridges
Field Mob: So What
Frankie J: That Girl
Freak Nasty: When I Dip You Dip We Dip
Jagged Edge: Where The Party At
Jay-Z: La-La-La
Jennifer Lopez: Waiting For Tonight
Jibbs: Chain Hang Low
Jim Jones: We Fly High
Justin Timberlake: Rock Your Body
Justin Timberlake: My Love
Juvenile: Back That Thang Up
Kelis: Trick Me
Khia: My Neck My Back
Lil’ Boosie: Girl Give Me That
Ludacris: Act A Fool
Ludacris: Blueberry Yum Yum
Ludacris: Splash Waterfalls
Ludacris: Shake Your Money Maker
Ludacris: Youse a Hoe
Madonna: Hung Up
MC Hammer: Can’t Touch This
Murphy Lee: What Da Hook Gonna Be
Nelly Furtado: Maneater
Nelly Furtado Promiscuous
Notorious B.I.G.: Notorious
Obie Trice: Snitch
Outkast: The Way You Move
Rick Ross: Hustlin’
Run DMC: Its Tricky
Run DMC: Bust A Move
Run DMC: You Be Illin’
Shawna: Gettin’ Some
Sir Mix-A-Lot: Baby Got Back
Snoop Dogg: Beautiful
Snoop Dogg: Drop It Like It’s Hot
T.I.: Bring ‘Em Out
T.I.: I’m A King
T.I.: What You Know
T.I.: Why You Wanna
Tone Loc: Funky Cold Medina
Too $hort: Blow The Whistle
Trilville: Some Cut
Usher: Yeah
Vanilla Ice: Ice Ice Baby
Will Smith: Fresh Prince
Will Smith: Gettin’ Jiggy With It
Will Smith: If You Can’t Dance
Will Smith: Miami
Will Smith: Party Starter
Will Smith: Switch
Ying Yang Twins: Badd
Ying Yang Twins: Shake
Young Buck: Shorty Wanna Ride
Young Dro: Shoulder Lean
Young Jeezy: And What
Young Jeezy: My Hood
Young Jock: It’s Going Down
Too Short - Player's Holiday

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