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All Comments

Should fat girls really be wearing thongs?
Iv never ever saw anything of that magnitude before, but visual picture, its gross and wrong.
I mean, i dont know, but do thongs come in an XXL size? Just a thought.
Yes, they do and some girls just don't wear it to feel sexy. They wear it so that a panty line isn't showing on their pants, skirts, or shorts. You can buy whatever underwear you want no matter the size.
Girls Poll : why do you wear thongs?
is it because you think guys like them more or because you like them more or what? i mean the truth is like only 5% of the female population actually has the *** to wear a thong and the rest just look silly so why do you all do it? is it like the fat girl in the belly shirt syndrome or what? and please dont say its because of panty lines.
I really don't wear thongs, the only time I'm wearing then is in the summer and I have to because of some special dresses ...
Other wise I hate thongs , I hate the feeling that I have something in my a**
When a girl wears a thong what is she expecting?
sometimes in class i'll see a girl who usually is covered up come into class with a bright pink victoria's secret thong visible to the person sitting behind her. girls you know what i mean. when you wear a thong one day and make yourself visible to the rest of the world, are you expecting someone to point it out or do you just like the attention? what ive noticed also is that the chubby - fat girls are the ones who wear them the most. i hardly ever see the ones who actually should wear thongs wear it.
I think girls wear thongs because they're cute and sexy, and when you see them it's probably either an accident or they see you sitting behind them and want you to notice them!
Teens how is it that some of you can wear thongs?
I mean I saw this huge fat girl wearing one, (i saw the string) and I mean how is it that you girls wear one, dont those things crawl up your crotch and give you a wedgie, and plus i heard in the long run they can hrt your VAH JAY JAY

Hey, for the first time he's actually right.
Another wierd survay?
front or back?
top or bottom?
blind dog or evil monkey in chrises closet?
crotch piercing or nipple piercing?
the dark knight or star trek?
nerd or geek?
destroy schools for a month or destroy math for a year?
asking permission or saying sorry?
long fun survays or short boring survay?
making friends or keeping friends?
guys or girls?
bdsm or foot fetish?
dj or singer?
supersticious or realistic?
sex toys or plain sex?
cry or bawl?
threesomes or just a couple?
sex for fun or sex with love?
ninja or samuria?
fat girl with thong or fat girl laying naked on your bed with a cupcake?
fun survays or relationship questions?
in or out?
glowing or neon?
evil monkey
crotch piercing
the dark knight
long fun
plain sex but dirty
threesomes it is fun u can be kiss a guy but having sex with a girl
sex for fun
is it all about sex with u
Boys Is It Hot When A Girl...?
has her underwear showing.....?

I was in school yesterday and this fat girl had her thong showing at the back of her trousers (Pants) and this other boy told her to pull her trousers up and said she was a dirty sket

Another incident happened but with my mate, shes very slim and had her thong showing at the back of her trousers, i personly thought it was quite tarty but no-one said anything to her

I never wear thongs i wear girl boxers or as you might know them as hot pants i don't want to show them but you can a tiny bit of them when i sit down,

Is it hot seeing girls underwear?

im 16 and please answer in small words as i do suffer from dyslexia and im sorry if ive spelt any words wrong
the reason they said that to the large girl is because, the whole showing the thong thing, is to trigger our imagination as to your sex appeal. Most men are not turned on by large women, so they do not want to see that. If the girl is small, it is more visually appealing.

I personally like girls in boxers, and find things like flannel appealing. I guess sex appeal is up to the what the guy likes.

Sorry about the dyslexia.
Why do men and women wear swim suits that they shouldnt?
fat girls in bikinis or fat guys in thongs come on you know what you look like
Saw a fat woman at the beach wearing what I thought was nothing.Ended up being a string bikini.She actually thought she looked good.Maybe she did to someone else.Just nasty to me.
Why do people complain about speedos and not women in tiny bikini?
i'm just wondering some girls are so indecent it's scary their *** hardly covered nasty thongs little strings covering them i even seen fat girls in them too like omg my eyes are like burning put something on their is guys here i even saw one that didn't shave when i was yong i got scared from that... so whats the differents if a guy wants to put a speedo on ... guys have shorts or speedos and girls got 1 piece bathing suites or bikinis right... i just don't want to see a fat person or an old person in a speedo or a bikini if you can't see it put something on so your some want decent
Who in particular is complaining? If someone is out of shape and not wearing enough who wants to look at them anyway. One glance and you look in another direction. If a nice looking person wears too little then they must enjoy the attention.
Why does the fat bully in my gym class alwatys give me wedgies?
theres this fat whale girl who for some reason hates me and she always comes up in the change rooms and wedgies me! once she broke my thong so now i dont wear thongs coz she wedgies me all the time and she once pulled my panties up over my head hurt my crack so much why does she do it whats wrong with her?? i cant make her stop once i tried to fight her so for the rest of the she wuldnt let me touch my panties she made me keep them up my *** all day everyone was laughing!
Because you let her and she needs to feel that she can dominate someone and have something that she can control in her life. Unfortunately that's you. Surprise her one day, go without, then call her gay and laugh at her for putting her hand down your crack. That should stop her because she then won't be able to dominate you any more. If you don't feel that you could do that, then if you have a friend with a camera phone, ask them to record what happens so that you can show your parents/teachers what's happening. I hope I helped and that you get this sorted out soon :)
What do you think of my poem? I worked super hard on this.?
There was an old man who cut off his hand,
He was oh so strongly mad
He now needed help to take off his belt,
To put on all the thongs he had

So he went to the store dressed as a whore,
So he could rob the place
He met this fat girl who made this man hurl,
Because she had a rottten face

So he took out his hook and gave it a shook,
Before cutting her in half
Standing up tall and grabbing his balls,
He let out a stuttering laugh
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


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