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All Comments

Why is so many girls turning lesbian nowadays?
And it always the hot ones too
At my high school to many hoes be playin this Sui like oh im bi
If I could make a law
It would be for ugly gurls to have the choice of being lesbian
It is such a tease when you see a go gurl and another hot ***** touching and stuff
for some reason they think it's hawt
Hoe do i know the girls a lesbian?
There are many girls in my school and even outside who give me the looks as if they are interested. how do i know they really are?
if you wait for her to approach you, then she might also be doing the same thing. so start talking a bit dirty with a girl you think is lesbian and watch the response. Easy! but be careful not to mess up. you might unintentionally 'ruin' your reputation
Is Miley Cyrus really a lesbian? Or is she just a stupid girl?
Miley has been out with lots of guys through the years now she goin out with Liam and she is trin to go out wit a dude at the gym!On lots of pics she has been kissin girls!Whats the deal is she gay or is she a hoe!
She's just an immature, attention seeking teen.
Hoe do you know if you are Bi, Gay, Lesbian?
Say, if you are a girl, and you have a boyfriend, you love him, but at the same time you look at girls' bodies all the time. No matter where you are. You look at girls' butts when they walk in front of you and you make it so it does not look like you are looking at them. Would you say you are lesbian, bi? And how would you know?
Do you have sexual fantasies about both men women? That is a good indication that you are bi...
Can someone please explain to me?
Why this fat teenage lesbian hoe from some high school is trying to get her own prom cancelled? I don't even get it and she has this retarded satisfied look on her face and i know she probably feels all amazing and that she's changing the world but really she's just ruining everybody's school year.
Someone should slap this hoe.
I totally agree with you! Proper attire is proper attire. A man has to wear male close and a woman has to wear female clothes. Can you imagine if guys were to wear dresses. Yeah Its F'ing ridiculous. She should have kept it to herself and gone to prom with this other person and have the other person wear female clothes. They are F'ing Morons and should be slapped.

*** For the comment below mine*****
Yes Jessiey it is wrong but I totally AM FOR Proper dress attire. A woman wearing a MAN's clothes to court is WRONG and Considered Improper attire, I'm sure you could agree therefore I believe that the girls partner should NOT be allowed to attend prom without her proper attire.

Though I am raising a baby girl and would not want her influenced by lesbians and thinking its OK. As United stated human law its OK but I believe GOD would not allow it either. I have homosexual friends but we have an understanding and agree to disagree.
The expression that guys use is " bros before hoes". Is there a saying like this that girls could use?
I am not a lesbian lol. I posted this b4 and pple think i am. Its just my ex bf and his friend says "bros before hoes."
Im sick of hearing guys saiyng " bros before hoes"
Is there any expression that girls use???????????
Also does chicks before ***** seem like a lesbian? i dont want it to
slutz before nutts
People think I am a Lesbian?!?!?!?
I am a sort of grunge/punk guy in nowhereville U.S.A. I play boy sports(wrestling, football) and don't date guys in my town because they are all bro hoes and gangsta bad boy wanna bes how to I convince people I am not a lesbian?!?!?!
people think im bi
& im not
& yeah .. there's nothing wrong with playing sports & not wanting to date "certain" type of guys
.. Don't mind paying much attention to them
You can't really convince people that your not a lesbian ..
So be happy .. correct them .. when they tell you .. your a lesbian .. but don't bother .. to get stressed or depressed .. over people not beliveing you ..
good luck :)
I think my best friend is a lesbian...?
so i'm 15, and my friend is the same age.
like two years ago, we were in the locker room getting changed for gym and she asked me "what would you do if a girl asked you out?"
and i said "i would tell them that i have a boyfriend, and i'm deffinetely not a lesbian."
&& then she got kind of mad at me.
well just a few months ago me, her, and one of my other friends were sitting in the lunch room playing would you rather, haha. and she asked me "would you rather have lesbian sex with me for 2 hours...or jump into a pool of dead diseased people with your mouth opened and your toung out at all times."
and i said
"you have a sick mind. i don't think i would ever have sex with another girl. so...i guess the disesased people. but my toung is staying in!"

& just last night, when i was in the shower && she was sleeping over, she called my boyfriend telling him that i was not being pleased by guys anymore...and i was going to start dating chics.

and just today...i was wearing a pair of shorts (they weren't even that short..like you know those hoes that wear them and you can see their a$$$ cheeks. not that short)
and she told me that i had sexy theighs, and that she was jealous of my boyfriend.

she only recently started acting like this last month.
i know that if she wanted me to know that
she was a lesbian, she would've told me
but, do you think she is?
i would still be her friend if she was.
i'm not intollerant, and i have
nothing towards gays.
i was just wondering if you think
that it's a sign shes a lesbian.

I would just ask her. Just straight up ask, "I've been seeing changes for a while now, and I just wanted to go right out and ask, are you a lesbo? If you are i'm ok with it I have nothing aginst you, and i'll still be your friend." Because if you want to stay with this boy, and she's trying to ruin your relationship you have a right to know, and plus your her bestie. She does sound like she is a lesbo but i'd ask just to make sure, because you never know, sometimes girls play around like that, I know a lot of the girls at my school do, including me, but we never mean it seriously, we just say "No lesbo." "No homo." at the end of it so we know we're playing around. But really just ask her. I hope I helped and I hope everything with her works out ok(:
I think I'm a lesbian? :(?
I keep wanting to kiss a girl like alot. When I'm in bed I think about what it would be like to be in bed with a girl, just kissing and holding hands like lovingly? I was in the cinema yesterday and I kept thinking about how nice it would be if I was there with a girlfriend and we were holding hands etc. I can imagine having sex with a girl and liking it, but also like above I'd love the loving side of the relationship. I am attracted to guys but, the thought of sex kinda disgusts me? Idk if that is from the fact that something actuelly hoes inside you but idk really it's just a bit weird?
Does it sound like I'm gay or just curious? Im scared :( What do I do now? :( and I have watched lesbian porn, I liked it. And how do I meet people to experiment?
Just Google your closest gay bar, or ask at other bars if know one. I am sure you just need try at least kissing another girl and decide after that. Other wise you'll always wonder.
Does this make me a lesbian?
There is this pretty girl in the year above me who I met on the Spanish exchange a couple of months ago. We are really good friends. The over night I dreamt that we were kissing each over on the lips and sleeping together. When I saw her the next day I felt like holding her hand but I didn't. I only have felt that way about her. But I have a big crush on this guy and I always notice hoe sexy guys are.
What does that make me? Weird? bi? or Lesbian?
Dont try to define your sexuality before your hormones stop going crazy. Experiment. If you feel like you enjoy girl-on-girl acts more, theres your answer. If you like guy-on-girl more, you are straight. If you enjoy them both, you are bisexual. But as I said, dont try to put a label on yourself before you can think without hormones getting in the way.

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